Films of the Zodiac: Cancer

Here we are, just in the nick of time for Cancer szn. Now where do we even begin with the weirdly intuitive, adaptable salty ass bitches of the zodiac. Cancer is a water sign, represented by the beautiful and delicious crab. Like the crab, cancers can be hard on the outside and soft and squishy on the inside. They are deeply emotional, sensitive beings who take care to not let anyone see their delicate undersides. They will guard themselves tooth and nail from being hurt and vulnerable. They have sentiment and soul, sensitive receptivity, intimate connection and the openness to be deeply emotionally touched, as well as the resulting desire for emotional safety. This can lead to a sort of passive aggressive vibe and can manifest in some personal suspicion in some way. But, this is a water sign after all. Like water is ever moving and ever changing, cancers can withstand a lot of change and hardship without flinching. Their hard exterior holds within it a lot of bottled up emotion and experience that they are not very forthcoming about. This leads to the moodiness and the general shmood of our beloved cancers. They can basically be difficult af for reasons only they know/feel. They need nurturing and care, and will also dole it out to others who are in need of the same.

HOWEVER! If you manage to penetrate the hard shell, a cancer will take you in and love you for the rest of time. Still waters run deep, and these babies are extremely caring to those close to them. This sign is literally synonymous with the oceans which are the cradle of all life. The rise and fall of tides, the endless crashing surf, and even the raging storms are all metaphors of the emotional activity of this sign. As a cardinal sign (*This is pretty complicated but basically a cardinal sign is the beginning of a new quadrant of the zodiac wheel. Cardinal signs are the beginning, they start each season and are the most active and embody the energy of the beginning of a season) Cancer seeks to create without interference.

Another very important aspect to the cancer is it’s association with the mother figure and with the home. Think about it. They carry deep emotional wisdom that comes out not only in their own personal strength, but in their understanding of those around them. Cancer could be considered one the most emotionally intuitive signs, Pisces be damned. The home is everything familiar, your comfortable place and your nurturing nest. AKA Cancer. I’m sticking with the motherly theme for my choices, because that’s what I feel embodies cancers most, as opposed to The Little Mermaid or some nonsense like that. With all of these things in mind, let us try and put a movie to the face. Without further ado, here are my picks for Cancer.

The Babadook

One bad mama jamma

This movie exemplifies the mother instinct and the inability to open up. Let’s be real, the kid in this movie is super weird and would be a lot to handle for anyone, especially a widowed, slightly mentally unstable woman. She seems to have a hard time moving on from her husband who died in a violent car crash while driving her to the hospital during labor. Yikes. Then she has to effectively mother her troubled son alone. He is an insomniac and is extremely fearful of monsters hiding in their house. As time goes on she becomes more and more exhausted and distraught and realizes that the pretend forces her son is so scared of is actually a very real and very dark presence plaguing her house and mind. The Babadook itself is an allusion to mental illness in whatever form it comes in. I mean, Jesus Christ, this woman has been through A LOT but doesn’t open up about her trauma to anyone, a la cancer to a T. She lets it fester until it’s presence is undeniable. Towards the end, she almost loses herself completely to this dark entity when she begins to have ideations of murdering her son. Her son manages to pull her through, and together with her son, she literally yells The Babadook into submission to protect her son.

This is a pretty vivid example of the dark things inside of us that build up over time. Wether it be trauma, circumstances, or something else, it is not brought out into the light. It’s also a perfect example of a mother’s desire to protect her child from evil, and it shows the strength within to overcome the literal demons we have. Cancer. Bewm.


Familia UWU

Coco is not only a movie that made me bawl my eyes out, but it also made me think about my family and the generations and generations before me that lived their lives before I was born. I’m choosing Coco because this movie is DEEPLY steeped in family values and dynamics. Focusing in on the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead is a perfect bridge for young Miguel to get in touch with his ancestors and find out the truth of his family ban on music. God, I just adore this film. It traces the history of a family who all deeply love each other as they unravel events that changed the whole line for generations. It’s dramatic, romantic, warm, and deeply moving.

The family values that are held dear to cancers are exemplified here. It’s less about black and white rules imposed on lil Miguel, but more about family tradition. Respecting your elder’s wishes is the most important thing. Also, remembering and paying respect to family that has passed away is a way to keep them alive.

This movie takes the hardest of cancers, boils them, and lathers them in butter. It’s impossible to not be swept up in the emotion of this movie. Watching it brings up memories of your own grandparents, cousins, mothers, and fathers. It makes you think of your warm and cozy childhood home.

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