Featured Artists

Here we have another friend of Nia’s. Isabelle Olsson is a fine artist with a lot to say. “I got my degree in fine arts from Lesley University’s College of Art & Design (FKA The Art Institute of Boston) in 2017. I focused on assemblage and installation work in school and still find that to be my main format. I really enjoy making work with found objects that explore mass acculturation and the worship of an imposed female identity on women and femme folks specifically through toys marketed to young girls. I explore girlhood and girl culture by using toys and books specific to my childhood to grapple with what I expected my life to be like, what society deems it should be, and the reality of where I’m actually at or feeling as a twenty something. I really enjoy using Christian religious iconography and altar set ups to play with these ideas as the juxtaposition and the similarities is quite fascinating to me. Most of my work also tends to the kitsch and the idea of “horror vacui” or the fear of blank space in a composition.” Whoa amirite? Here’s some of her amazing and socially conscious work. You can find her drinking an iced coffee in a Dunkin Donuts on the outskirts of Boston! We love this binch!

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Gabriel is the sun. This angel is not only my muse, but also a multi-talented actor, writer, and musician. I know what you’re thinking, they can not only play banjo, but ALSO are in the movie Assassination Nation? AND your very own Nia’s thesis film Every Little Landscape? Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, Gabriel Orion McCulloch is currently in preproduction for their short film Sam’s Town. Visit the instagram of the same name to learn more about this beautiful story: and here is an example of their groovy face gracing my film .

Screenshot of existential crisis

An hour late and a buck short, we have our next artist of the week. The multi-talented little tiny baby boy Andres Arauz. This sweet man is a collage maker, a sculptor, a graphics and typeface designer, a photographer, and so much more. He is from New Orleans and recently got a BFA in fine arts. Ever heard of A$AP Rocky? Andres designed his testing app that turns road signs into Asap lyrics. His sculpture work is also on display glittering all down the side of St. Jude in Memphis. Here’s an example of his stellar film photography work. You can catch this goober taking pictures at the Lamplighter or The Hitone.

Have you ever met an artist whose work speaks for itself? We have; and now so have you. It’s our new artist of the week! Andy Gordon is a senior at UTK getting his BFA in Studio Art. He (and two out of two Sinema bloggers would agree) describes his work as illustrative, cinematic and exploratory. He has a fair amount of artistic inspiration, but than again, don’t we all? In his work you can certainly see Dali’s influence, but he would also cite Goya, Emilio Villalba, and Frank Miller as inspiration. If you’re in Knoxville the first Friday of June, stop by Cafe Vicolo and check out our dear Andy’s work in person. But for now check out his instagram and he is open for commissions as well!

photo curtesy of the artist’s instagram

Here’s another one for ya! You know there’s nothing we love more than local talent! Grace John is the beautiful mind behind our gorgeously unique logo.  Colorful, clean, and quirky are the three words she’d use to best describe her art. She’s currently getting her BFA in graphic design from the University of Memphis. And yes, she’s open for freelance work. Below we see her smiling face, and an alternate poster of everyone’s favorite trauma-I mean, drama prom queen Carrie!

Which one is the art? Amirite?

Elijah Poston, frontman of the indie band Grandpa Grew Trees

Grandpa Grew Trees is our choice for our very first artist of the week. Not only are they a standup group of young lads harvested from the vast fields of Memphis, they also happen to have a very personal connection to the authors of this here blog. Say howdy to their thoughtful, masterfully written, ultra sad music below.

This is what we affectionally refer to as a “Cry Banger”