Divine Sinema & Filmiliar Perspectives

Divine Sinema, is the beautiful love child of two witchy creatives with two main goals: to bring fresh, new, and original voices to film critique; and to provide a platform for young artists to share their work, ask questions, and engage in art in a supportive atmosphere.

Nia has her BFA in filmmaking, while I hold a BA in English literature. In this day and age, the next step for most people with our degrees is to start a podcast. But…naw. The two of us share such a deep-seated love of film in all aspects. Nia’s filmmaking degree gives her a much deeper knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the medium. Whereas my literature degree allows for critique and analysis. Her vivid visuals are then translated by me, and together we make a story.

You won’t believe what we make next.

A blog! With our creative energies just overflowing a blog would be the best conduit for our work to flow through. The two of us already spend so much of our time talking about film, sharing articles back and forth, and assisting one another in our creative works. Putting it all together in a one-stop shop just seems more logical than scrolling back through old text messages. Besides we needed a distraction as we waited to hear back from our respective grad schools.

Within the confines of this space, and beyond (who knows?) we will put down our various thoughts, and ideas about film and television, music and art, local and at large. We hope to have various sections devoted to local musicians, writers, artists, and directors. As well as fun activities, videos, and podcasts where we explore the more “filmilar” aspects of cinema. We, as witches, have concluded that film, is our familiar. A witch’s familiar is typically an animal companion that takes the form of whatever that witch needs. We have employed a more abstract use of the said term, as our “filmilar” takes the shape of a comforter, protector, and companion. Furthermore, the ritualistic nature of film is one that we all partake in our own way. We gather around our TVs, laptops, and phones, watching with our loved ones, or alone, or with complete strangers. This witch-like and divine aspect of cinema, or in this instance, sinema, is a ritual we practice with diligence and love and hope to teach you to do the same.

Love, Grace

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